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We offer quality fabrics for all occasions, from pure new wool to fine cashmere. Basic and seasonally coordinated fabric ranges from Super 100 to Super 180 are available. We have almost 3000 top-quality fabrics in stock from various manufacturers. The sample items, combined with my advice, will help you choose from this comprehensive range. The cut, inner lining, sleeve vents and appropriate buttons can be specified individually as can a monogram if you wish. 


The cut, the collar, the breast pocket, the cufflinks, the buttons and a stitched monogram give your shirt personal touch. Choose from classic, fashionable or perhaps even extravagant. All fabrics are woven from the finest materials and range from non-iron to full thread finish. 


The seasonal quality assortment ranges from pure new wool to fine cashmere and is rounded off with a choice of different styles.

Do you prefer your jacket fashionably short or classically long?

The cut, the inner lining, a personal monogram, open sleeve vents or the appropriate buttons can be specified individually.


Do you know that the tuxedo used to be known as an ‘evening suit’ and before that as a ‘small company suit?’ Sadly, the French ‘cravate noir,’ ‘cravate blanche’ or German ‘smoking tailcoats’  are becoming less common. I’m still happy to show you my selection for these very special occasions.


Well dressed even in your leisure - on the move or at home. War your chosen blazer in combination with highly comfortable trousers made from new wool, cotton wool or corduroy. The accompanying shirts are ‘co-designed’ with you for their colour, shape and accents. 

Your personal style requirements, created with an expert touch, paired with the finest materials give you and all-round sense of well-being. You’ll never want to be without them. Marvel at the countless combinations and let me advise you without obligation. 

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