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How long does the delivery of a suit or shirt take?

Approximately 3 - 4 weeks.

Is an express delivery possible?

Yes, within 2 weeks with an additional charge.

How long does the first consultation take? 

Approximately 1 hour.

What is the service procedure?

    •    Style recommendations

    •    Choosing fabrics from collections

    •    Cut consultation with sample items

    •    Record vital statistics

    •    Place order

    •    Delivery after 3 - 4 weeks

    •    Fitting

    •    minor adjustments where necessary

    •    Repeat fitting after 2 - 5 days

Is your consultation free of charge?


How can I arrange an appointment?

Contact me via E-Mail, Phone oder Mobile to arrange an appointment.

Do you have a Showroom I can visit?

Yes, we have a Showroom in Zurich, at Bellerivestr. 3 (Seefeld Quarter).

How much does a tailored suit cost?

The price varies according to your choice of fabric and starts at around CHF 1'300.--.

How much does a tailored shirt cost?

From CHF 199.--, depending on the choice of fabric.

What does a tie from the range cost?

The ties cost CHF 99.--.

Where are the suits tailored?

In Italy, Germany and in Switzerland.

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